4:02 PM
9:34 PM
welcome Aigle Edente!
11:26 PM
welcome dcpgameing
9:53 PM
Sure! Registration is here: http://h4kings.ucoz.pl/index/register/0-7

You can even join the current tourney but Equilibris is required. Cheers smile
9:41 PM
Hey guys, I`am new here, it is still possible to registrate in league?
10:18 AM
Yes I am here pocus
8:51 PM
Hi, anyone to game?
3:42 PM
10:06 AM
8:10 PM
I recommend you to visit our forum for the longer posts smile
1:54 PM
It is possible to play nice friendly games. We are small community so we do know which players behaves badly
2:54 PM
You are reporting all ur games smile
7:20 AM
Esp when you are winner biggrin
7:20 AM
It is so hard to convince someone to join any site for game report...
5:37 PM
All maps available at special request by e-mail Fb or Skype cool
6:54 AM
Can you upload the whole bundle as a preview? I have found strange versions of some of these...
8:25 PM
Any comments?
8:25 PM
10 Mystic Vale
11 Plains of Despair
12 Shattered Kingdom
13 Spellcasters
14 Superheroes
15 Way of The Warrior
8:24 PM
Pre-consulations to the new map pack:
1 A Tale of Two Enemies
2 Agathon
3 Bankruptcy
4 Befalas Bay
5 Bleubites vs Roqueques
6 Haspenia
7 Hydra
8 Imperial Prison
9 Keeper
10:08 PM
2 voters is not enough smile
6:54 PM
I can find some new and interesting map and we can start a vote.
4:37 PM
It would be good to refresh map pack but I do not see many active players interested...
12:33 PM
Yeah, it is New Year and time to renew our list of maps! What do you think?
5:43 PM
New year welcome to play and our forum loony
11:30 AM
Happy New Year To All!!! pocus
11:39 PM
Happy New Year for everyone!
10:23 AM
if someone wanna play join hama's networ duduh4 pw dudu
9:05 AM
It seems your version is much more buggy than video maker smile
10:08 PM
I wonder how it is possible to create such cool videos in such buggy Equi? Or it is tricky assembling?
10:15 PM
hi all
some body free?
7:46 PM
I am free smile
4:47 PM
Him I am free now )
10:06 PM
somebody free?
9:59 PM
hi all
2:07 PM
I am in process of writing the manual for Hexarena )
2:06 PM
Well, the format of the map is acceptable for Equi, but I think it needs some numeral changes for it...
5:41 PM
What are the rules of your Hexarena and if it is playable in Equilibris?
8:19 PM
I finished my Hexarena map! Who wants to test it - join my GR room!
2:08 PM
Mass cancel has also additional feature - it can be used as a double-edged weapon - with destroying all illusions
11:40 AM
But still mapmakers are tend to be ban it. Is it too strong for lvl 5? SAE is much better, and mapmakers never ban it.
8:05 AM
I am sure that mass cancellation is not banned everywhere smile
11:06 PM
Who know why Mass Cancellation is banned everywhere? And why I am finding out that only after I got experienced Necromancer?
8:39 PM
We all are the Kings here wink
8:09 PM
Comone, guys. It is impossible to play on such strong level. I feel myself like a king of noobs )
10:42 PM