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First of all The Kings League & Tournament is made for unifying us - the H4 players over the world. We do appreciate the work of Toheroes and Archangelcastle H4 League; and we feel like the descendants of these great H4 communities.


Cheating is a big problem in every game. It is hard to prove that in H4 but the testimonies of a few players whose opponent had huge income in a few days are enough. Seeing "bad saves" also helps.


Also, there is a thing  that makes us to feel great discomfort - it is seeing some of tournaments and events calling themselves falsely "World Championships in H4". Some guys making these unfair events must be clearly pointed because they never challenged big H4 Championships (except WC) and they brutally violent all rules related to the game: playing with the terms and rules of tournaments. That's why we point so called World Championship (WC) in H4 made by CTPANNUK and SHNUROV as event very harmful to the H4 community.

The goal of these events is not to unify players but to choose "world champion" from their specific group.  Past "WC" showed that good players don't have a chance to challenge "selected WC challengers" losing not on battlefield but by strange timing rules and one man decisions. Simple example is that your opponent is not free for 3 weeks and after that you are pushed to finish a game in 2 days - of course even seeing save after few days of game will prove your loss.

Invisible hand of Coordinator (HUK) decides who is active or inactive player in these tourneys.  Tournament judging is unclear and as I proved in the past - favorable only for group of friends of Organizer or Coordinator (one person) and the functions of judges are purely representational because in fact they do not decide anything. Past few years there were not even one judges decision. Many great and honoured players stopped playing H4 because of unfair decisions made in the past "WC".


Therefore The Kings warns you that so called "World Championship in H4" Tourney is completely forged. We do not blame you for trying it - just don't expect good honoured challenge like in our league.


"WC" is made by organizers: CTPAHHUK and Shnurov (RU) not for the purpose of the real challenge. Also, do not expect any  democracy or fair ruling there, like I said before its one man decision who will win.  They both are banned also in our league as they were banned in previous H4 leagues for cheats in leading games.


Also on the cheating list we put Falcaut (March 2018) for crack program using proved by few old H4 Players.



Having said that H4Kings also warns you about playing with any suspected/double nick player due to suspicions of using crack programs.


With regards;



BrennusWhiskey - President of the H4Kings Tournament & League 


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