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BrennusWhiskeyDate: Wednesday, 2016-01-20, 6:27 PM | Message # 1
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Share with us your experience. What are your favorite factions? Tell us how you handle with it.

The most of online players know my basic tactic rules:

1) Heroes - you must have tactic, mage and pathfinder.
2) Creatures - the best is to get 4lvl as soon as possible.
3) Magic - the same as above, good 5 lvl spells winning the game.

What more?

metatext1Date: Tuesday, 2017-10-03, 12:56 PM | Message # 2
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What about small and quick maps, where resources are limited?
BrennusWhiskeyDate: Tuesday, 2017-10-03, 9:19 PM | Message # 3
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Quote metatext1 ()
What about small and quick maps, where resources are limited?

I think the same basic rules with bigger pressure to have 4 lvl creatures faster than your opponent. I remember one game on map Crimson Clover when 1 mantis decided that I lost the game.

duranix95Date: Wednesday, 2018-02-14, 6:22 PM | Message # 4
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i give some Councils to some game for h4 without really order of writing
  •  - to mix hero academy with life

  • - these same hero must progress at the same time

  • - for map « heroes »:

- another city taken in 3 days- j4 or 5 of week 2 bellow- week 3 gone up 
  • IF INCONNUE=Espions MAP to define the objectives and toprick resources

standard profile positions academy for example :Magus+priest+priest+tactical+magus+titans+nagas 
  • not to mix magus academy, knight with natural heroes becauseopposite means bad moral

  • for hero asylum (thieves) to mix natural hero and warriorsand magus asylum

moreover all the hero are provided imperatively with potionof immortality as of the beginning to think of recruiting the heroes every week =ne not to misssome!!!!!!

some concils in more on next post...


Added (2018-02-14, 6:06 PM)
Advanced classes H4 of memory .......

to obtain anadvanced class, you need at least 2 levels in 2 different competences….

combat + tactical = general (+1 with moral of all the army)
fight + pathfinding = prowler (+10 attacks someremotely)
fight + nobility = lord of war (+10 in brought closer attack)
fight + life = paladin (rune of dead)
fight + order = magus of battle (no-claims bonus of impact to the fates magic fist (given) and launches of ice)
fight + dead = assassin (+3 of speed)
fight + chaos = serve as fire (immunity to the fates of fire)
fight + natural = tamer of monster (+ 20% with the invoc of wolf)

tactic + pathfinding = marshal (+ 10% of offensive for all the creatures of the army)
tactic + nobility = ordering Lord ((+2 with moral of all the army)
tactic + life = cross (moral staff +10)
tactic +ordre = illusionist (+ 20% with the fates of illusion)
tactic + dead = devastating (has the magic fateof mirrorpermanently)
tactic + chaos = piromancian (has a shield of fire)
tactic + natural = guard (+ 20% of defense for all the creatures of the army)

pathfinding + nobility = main of guild (is unaware of partly the magic resistance of the unfavourableheroes, capable of last language of flame (rod) to a gm magic resistance)
pathfinding + life = prophet (has the spiritual fate of armour permanently)
pathfinding + order = indicator (+ 3 with the ray of location)
pathfinding + dead =ninja (attacks evil spirit)
pathfinding + chaos = soothsayer of fire (+20% with the fates of fire)
pathfinding  + natural = bards (personal chance +10)

nobility + life = cardinal (no-claims bonus withresurrection, formulates complex which functions better and better with creatures of high level)
nobility + order = king magician (attacks physicalinflicting misfortune)
nobility + dead = lord of lhombre (attacks physical inflicting sorrow)
nobility + chaos = king wizard (terror attacks, without response)
nobility + natural = lord of the monsters (+ 20% with the invoc of wolf and tiger)

life + order = monk (rune of chaos)
life + dead = priest of darkness (attacks vampiric)
life + chaos = heretic (is unaware of theunfavourable runes)
life + natural = invoker (no-claims bonus withthe competence of invocation day labourer)

order + dead = magus of darkness (fuzzy with theremote attack)
order + chaos =magician (reduced cost of the fates of 2)
order + natural = enchanter (+ 20% with the illusion and invocations)

died + chaos = liche (death living, insensitive with the mental fates)
died + natural = demonologist(no-claims bonus withthe capacity to call upon demons)

chaos + natural = bewitching (no-claims bonus ofmana and recovery of mana)

archi magus = 3 advanced levels of magic (no-claims bonus D 20% with the effect of all the fates)

Added (2018-02-14, 6:09 PM)
TheCouncils of development for castle nécro In general, before building buildings or of the heroesI send imps to see the resources, objectives… for several reasons: - to prick the free resources of all creatures, - there to see the outputs, the good objects, theobjectives… all that to determine the priorities of the engagements to make
enough quickly and to prepare consequently to be able to arrive and arrange a
advance of optimum displacement, - not to hesitate to sacrifice an imp for keptresources because to lose the latter to recover 4 crystals is much better to do
the exchange same with the counter of trade!!! Once you have aprecise idea of map 2 choice of construction is offered to you: - if it is richin resource: not need to bet on the construction of the town hall. The
construction of the creatures levels 4 must be done quickly without recruiting
if possible. For that fastest, (in 4 or 5 days) you can have the devils
(construction of the cerberi, poisonous kids, devils). For that it is necessary
nevertheless to connect the combat which bring in money. - if it is poor: 1st thing to make the construction ofthe town hall to have at least 1,000 gold coins per day; that quickly makes it
possible to have at least levels 3 and especially to be able to buy them then.
By connecting the engagements levels 4 are generally accessible at the end of
the 2nd week. As regards the hero it is necessary always for a tactic in your
the first 2 heroes then a wizard nécro. For the wizard nécro a ninja is a good
alternative because level movement it is very well. Considering these special
capacities and by equipping it with an arc it makes evil maluses of spirits
remotely (it is very useful for a good departure!!!). It should not be forgotten
that it will be necessary to make it progress in direction of the ground to the
maximum before him to increase its capacities of magic. Thereafter you will
have to take either a wizard of magic of fire, or a wizard academy but not the
2. Once chosen it is necessary to try to be held and remain to with it in
future recruitment, that in the same category of characters (if fire choice to
recruit that of the heroes fire all that to optimize the moral one). Try to
diversify your heroes in various magics while taking account of the adversary
(to think upon the departure of the part of the probable development of the
adversary to allow to counter all possibilities with the final combat). The
choice in the heroes of an assassin is not as not bad, the only thing it is as
it is necessary to assemble its fates of magic of death on level 5, this to be
able to play in 1st (the fate cancellation of mass throw before your made
adversary of the devastations). Here are some advices which are only advices
considering the enormous possibilities of this game.

Added (2018-02-14, 6:22 PM)
more in some days perhaps...

BrennusWhiskeyDate: Wednesday, 2018-02-14, 10:23 PM | Message # 5
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Good job Duranix!

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