Dear Guests!

This site is dedicated to the Heroes of Might & Magic IV Online Tournament & League

Here all H4 players have a chance to meet others and play games for fun or our ranking. Let's play HOMM4 online and have fun!

This is the best place for HOMM4 World Online Community.

The goal of the tournament & league is propagation of H4 online around the world and having fun from playing Heroes of Might & Magic IV. We do hope to give you a chance to meet  new people to play H4 online. The registration to league is free and open to everyone: old veterans and newbies. In our tournaments we group players in such way that everyone has a chance to play at his level and win.


All players are welcomed, newbies and veterans. To new players we offer training before playing ranking games. The League is easy to translate to every language you want. To meet players we recommend to use the chat (to set up the game or just to talk) or meet by Skype/mail/ or in Gameranger.


To pick a random map you can use Random Map Chooser on our site. Suggestions concerning the list of proposed maps are welcome.


Many players including old veterans have already joined us and we had annually tournaments from 2015 to 2022. Our list of players is still growing and almost every day new games are reported. We do hope that the next  tournaments will gather more participants and become the biggest events for H4.


To register in our league go HERE


Chat for H4 players is HERE


Join us because more players is more fun!