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registration has started and will last until 19th march. Official invitation mail has been sent. The tournament starts on 20th march. A Skype group will be created for game reports.

There will be no money prizes this year.

Tournament maps will be decided shortly (10 maps plus random one "Lucky shot").

Regulation and rules will be written and posted here.
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fourth round has started and will last until 13th june. The tournament registration is closed. Skype group for reports has been made.

There will be money prizes in the tourney :

350 euros guaranteed prize pool*

200 euros for the winner of the tournament

* While only players registered in The Kings can win money prize everyone is free to participate.

** Every active player will get certificate of attendance in our tournament. Special certificates for the winners.

Tournament maps

Regulation and rules (english)

Regulation and rules (français)

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