The Kings H4 Tournament Rules


  1. Alignment random;
  2. One possible reload in first turn;
  3. Recommended time for turn is 8 min; difficulty expert - possible 6min/turn and advance game if both players agree;
  4. Any edition of the maps is strictly prohibited;
  5. Host player is responsible for reports about progress of the game;
  6. Each game should be reported by both players using site script Report Game or by email to BRENNUSWHISKEY;
  7. In case of continued absence of the player he will be treated as a loser;
  8. The most important is fun from game. Players should avoid freezing of the game and doing very long turns to respect free time of the opponent;
  9. Joining player has right to choose colour and side in starting menu;
  10. For checking games the players should do one save per week and save last two turn of the game;
  11. For each victory player obtains 1 point, 0 pts for lose; possible is draw (both players get 0,5 pts) in case of either both players agreement or commission's decision;
  12. All games are played on the maps chosen by participants;
  13. Choosing maps is made by elimination by the players, starting from player who host;
  14. All games must be played on Equilibris ver. 3,51 (3,55);
  15. Incorrect games (crashes, disputed cases) are resolved by sending saves and explanations to the commission (the composition of the commission will be determined after closing of registration);
  16. The commission unanimously is deciding about results of the incorrect games and put points on the basis of examination of the specific situations;
  17. The commission's duty is to help players in establishing games especially by doing translations, providing advices, making workable hamachi networks, etc.;
  18. Rules apply in tournament games, in league games players can make their own arrangements;
  19. There will be made a special hamachi network(s) to play.