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Short summary of 2016:


First of all, this year was very successful to The Kings League. We played overall 275 ranking games (in comparison to 89 in 2015) so there was 3 times more reports than in 2015. Still we have new members of the league and many more followers on The Kings Youtube channel with films from games. The great final of the 2016 Tournament was Mordaunt vs. jel with final battle available to watch on youtube and film section of the Kings. Then, while waiting for Great Reboot of H4 (Equilibris team and other modders continue to work on that) we are still on the battlefields having fun of playing H4 online. Currently The Kings hosts Winter Tournament 2016-2017 with 12 active participants.


In 2017, additionally to The Annual Tournament our plan is to have challenge for the title of The World Champion in H4 - one match between two top world players, to unify the title for the next two years, similar to the chess world title match (currently 2 years term). Of course the old masters and new members are invited to play in the league and our tournaments. Now, the first Interim World Champion of The Kings and the first challenger to unify the undisputed title is Mordaunt.



   2016 The Kings Tournament Winner - Mordaunt  



  2016 Master of League - jel ¤



  2016 Player of The Year - BrennusWhiskey (133 games)  ϟ 

                                                    II place - Duranix (124 games) ϟ 



Annual bonuses were granted.


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