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2017 Summary

Short summary of 2017 in The Kings League:


We had even, successful year to H4. Although we crossed 600 total reports in the league, overall number in 2017 was 236, in comparison to 275 in 2016 and 89 in 2015.


New members are still joining and they are making good work for site but activity in games is lower.


>Good job and thank you Metatext1!<


The site look improved a lot and we added many new widgets. The one of the best is Facebook widget on the right of the site. Also, Facebook group of H4 players is still growing – we invite all of them to more active playing!


The great final of the 2017 Tournament was again Mordaunt vs. jel, this time with quick win for Mordaunt.


Currently The Kings League hosts Winter Tournament 2017-2018 with 16 participants. Unfortunately, activity is bad and it seems this will be the last such event for our site.


   2017 The Kings Tournament Winner - Mordaunt 

   2017 Master of League - Negus ¤

  2017 Player of The Year - Duranix (131 games)  ϟ


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