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The Kings Tournament 2018-2019

III round
Negus (Death) def. BrennusWhiskey (Preserve)       Maps: Agathon, Heart of Winter, Hydra, Land of War, Zminez
Dziki_Goblin-Palkovvodec    Maps: Bizarro, Circle of Life, Deep Kick, Heart of Winter, Superheroes    

Hamachi: Kings#3 pass 123
Aigle Edente  (Preserve) def. Cotton Raccoon (Chaos) Maps: After the Flood,  Bizarro, Bleubites vs Roqueques,  Deep Kick, Iron Man
Hardack-Agony            Maps: After the Flood, Befalas Bay, Land of War, Plains of Despair, Spellcasters                    

First players are host. Join player eliminates first:
Games should be played on expert mode and 8 min/turn    

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