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Tournament Results



The Kings 2016 Final    
Mordaunt /Life/ def. jel /Chaos/ on Powerspot    
Mordaunt /Life/ def. BrennusWhiskey /Death/ on Lezkandra    
1. Mordaunt    
2. jel    
3. BrennusWhiskey    
The Kings 2016 Semi-finals    
A1-B2 jel /Preserve/ def. Duranix /Preserve/ on Lezkandra    
B1-C2 Mordaunt /Order/ def. Negus /Order/ on Heart of Winter    
C1-A2 Alexander13 /Chaos/ lost to BrennusWhiskey /Order/ on Showdown    
Group A    
jel def. El Noppo /W.O./    
jel /Preserve/ def. BrennusWhiskey /Life/ on Circle of Life    
BrennusWhiskey def. El Noppo /W.O./  
Group B  
Mordaunt /Life/ def. Aigle edente /Life/ on Bizarro  
Mordaunt /Life/ def. Duranix /Life/ on Powerspot    
Duranix /Death/ def. Aigle edente /Death/ on Lezkandra  
Group C    
Alexander13 /Chaos/ def. Negus /Death/ on Zminez    
Negus def. Paul /W.O./    
Alexander13 def. Paul /W.O./
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