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We are proudly presenting you three new maps designed for our league.




Nice, quite complicated map with some funny quests. You will face a lot of water and sand that can slow you down.



The map probably will be added to our second maps pack because I find some of them already included as not very clever (Haspenia, Hydra, Dog days - probably will be replaced).

Yet, we will wait for the finishing of the new map of Hardack - "Tomb King".





"What once was one thriving kingdom has turned into two duchies that share an island, and the river divides their border. Now you have to gain crown of enchantments to be crowned as the real king of this land and to destroy your opponent. But this mission is very hard - first you have to release the bishop of your duchy imprisoned on the island. Only he will be able to crown you as a king."

Based on Jb239 map "Shattered Kingdom".






"The three magnificent queens of this land enjoy the true adoration of their subjects. Unfortunately, none of the three ladies are fond of the other two. As for accuracy - the queens do not like each other to the extent that they are ready to prove their hostility on the battlefield. This is how your adventure begins!"

The map is designed for 3 human players.


The maps are available in the section Download.

The maps were made with cooperation with Hardack Thank you for your work Hardack!

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III round
Negus (Death) def. BrennusWhiskey (Preserve)       Maps: Agathon, Heart of Winter, Hydra, Land of War, Zminez
Dziki_Goblin-Palkovvodec    Maps: Bizarro, Circle of Life, Deep Kick, Heart of Winter, Superheroes    

Hamachi: Kings#3 pass 123
Aigle Edente  (Preserve) def. Cotton Raccoon (Chaos) Maps: After the Flood,  Bizarro, Bleubites vs Roqueques,  Deep Kick, Iron Man
Hardack-Agony            Maps: After the Flood, Befalas Bay, Land of War, Plains of Despair, Spellcasters                    

First players are host. Join player eliminates first:
Games should be played on expert mode and 8 min/turn    

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Some players resigned so that we can start the II round:


II round:
Negus (Order) def. Aigle Edente (Order) Maps: Bizarro, Eruption, Plains of Despair, The Kingdom, Zminez  

BrennusWhiskey (Order) def. Dziki Goblin (Chaos) Maps: Bankruptcy, Bleubites vs Roqueques, Deep Kick, Heart of Winter, Land of War              

Palkovvodec (Death) def. Hardack (Stronghold) Maps: Circle of Life, Haspenia, Mystic Vale, Plains of Despair, Victoria    

Hamachi: Kings#3 pass 123

Cotton Raccoon-BossPuf23 Maps: Agathon,Death Valley, Iron Man, Land of War, Zminez    

Hamachi: Kings#2 pass 123


First players are host. Join player eliminates first:
Games should be played on expert mode and 8 min/turn

I round: 

Negus (Stronghold) def. Hardack (Stronghold)  Maps: Bankruptcy, Death Valley, Keeper, Plains of Despair, Zminez    

BrennusWhiskey (Stronghold) def. Cotton Raccoon (Death) Maps: Heart of Winter, Iron Man, Land of War, Lions Muzzle, Megadragons  


Hamachi: Kings#1 pass 123

Dziki_Goblin-Szigi Maps: Bizarro, Death Valley, Deep Kick, Iron Man, Superheroes  


Hamachi: Kings#3 pass 123

Aigle Edente (Death) def. BossPuf23 (Order) Maps: Agathon, Bizarro, Plains of Despair, Megadragons, Mystic Vale 

Paul-JurijBojka Maps: After the Flood, Bleubites vs Roqueques, Death Valley, Iron Man, Keeper    

Hamachi: Kings#2 pass 123


Palkovvodec-(?) Maps: After the Flood, Circle of Life, Iron Man, Keeper, Land of War    

Hamachi: Kings#3 pass 123

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Tournament rules apply. Technical details will be fixed before start of the games.


Registration until November 11 by email or skype to The Kings President Mr. BrennusWhiskey


You can also register HERE 


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